(2005-) The Shapes Project:
A large quantity of unique shapes, one for every person on the planet when the world population peaks in the middle of the twenty-first century.

(2004) A Public Art Fund project for Central Park, New York City.

(2004) A divination system, created in collaboration with Matt Mullican.

(2004) Print portfolio:
The 1200 most common male and female names in the U.S.

(2003) A regional project for one hundred and twenty small historical society museums in the states of Missouri and Kansas.

(1997-2002) A continuing series of multiples in different sizes and shapes designed for use in expressing gratitude.

(2000-2001) A regional project for the Imperial Valley, California and the Valle Mexicali, Mexico. This website accompanied the artist’s project, which included four art exhibitions of local artists, a permanent outdoor monument of an enlarged “Sand Spike,” sixteen educational booklets in Spanish and English, a geological exhibition on the topic of “Sand Spike” sand concretions, two series of regional souvenirs, and a large model of Mount Signal, the area’s local mountain.

(2000-2001) A public project for the City of Malmö in Sweden. Over 1000 unique shapes were cut from aluminum, to be attached to the outsides of all the new buildings and to be mounted over all the front doors of all the new apartments that are planned to open in 2001 in the “City of Tomorrow,” a part of the city’s new Bo01 project.

(2000) A public project for the city of Montpellier, France. Molds were made from five mutilated and deteriorating statues from the grounds of an abandoned eighteenth century mansion, and five new, colorful replicas were cast and placed next to the city’s new cultural center building.

(1998) A regional project for the Hillsborough County Museum of Science and Industry and the University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum in Tampa, Florida.

Sixty-six downloadable booklets from the project:
(1998) THE EVENT: Petrified Lightning from Central Florida (with supplemental didactics), for educational use (in PDF format).

(1992-93) A regional project produced in collaboration with the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum, in Price, Carbon County, Utah.

(1992-93) Twenty-one didactical handouts related to the topic of dinosaur tracks found in coal mines, designed and edited to accompany the Natural Copies from the Coal Mines of Central Utah project, available for educational purposes.






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