You can find answers to your questions by using the YOUR FATE dice.

First, prepare yourself to throw the dice. You may choose to form a question. You may choose to empty your mind. Be sure you are ready.

Shake all twenty-five dice together and toss them onto a flat surface. Some of the dice will fall with a sign facing up; these are the signs that can help you with your questions.

The red die represents you, the one who questions. The position of the red die within the overall pattern will indicate how the signs relate to you.

There are eight "variable" signs: Lock, Unlock; Small, Big; Exit, Enter; Down, and Up. These "variable" signs will modify the value of the other signs depending on their relative proximity.

Suggested interpretations of all signs are outlined in this book.
Allan McCollum and Matt Mullican

YOUR FATE © Allan McCollum and Matt Mullican. Courtesy Christine Burgin Gallery