Excavating a Cretaceous duck-bill dinosaur track from the roof of a coal mine (photo from Tracking Dinosaurs by Martin Lockley, Cambridge University Press, 1991).


This site contains a group of texts and text excerpts written by different paleontologists concerning the phenomenon of natural casts of dinosaur tracks found in the roofs of Utah coal mines.

The 21 texts were originally compiled and edited by New York artist Allan McCollum to accompany his 1991 sculpture project, Natural Copies From The Coal Mines of Central Utah, as handouts to the gallery visitors. Many are available on this website in both html versions and downloadable Portable Document Format (PDF) versions, for anyone who might want to use them for educational purposes. McCollum's sculpture project was done in cooperation with the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum, in Price, Utah, and for those who may be interested in contemporary art, information about the project is also available on the site.

Among the authors excerpted are:

John K. Balsley, Edwin H. Colbert, David D. Gilette, Adrian P. Hunt, Chet Jennings, Martin G. Lockley, Lee R. Parker, William Peterson, Robert L. Rowley, Jr., W. Lee Stokes, Charles N. Strevell, Tony Thulborn, Mary Wade, and William D. Wilson.

The sculpture project itself was exhibited at the Sprengelmuseum in Hannover, Germany, the Centre Georges Pompidouin Paris, France, the John Weber Gallery in New York City and the Xavier Hufkens Gallery in Brussels, Belgium. To find out more about this art project, click HERE.


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