Format 23 x 23 cm, 144 color pages. Editions in English and Italian.

diary is a new series of books, conceived and edited by Simone Vendrame, in which contemporary artists, using the model of a personal diary, interweave tales of their artistic practice with conversation. The project's central idea is to urge the reader to undertake a trip through the thoughts and sensibilities of these artists, suggesting a different way of approaching their work, an intimate encounter in which the artists recount stories of themselves, their experiences, and their inner thoughts. The authors involve the reader/spectator in the flow of their ideas, engaging them in a private dimension that blends past and present, life and art, in an adventure both human and cultural.

The contemporary art scene is becoming ever more distinguished by a departure from clear theoretical propositions and an escape from rigid artistic categories in favor of a more empathic and immediate approach toward cultural phenomena. Upon this stage, diary becomes an intellectual and emotional experience that is closely bound to the artists themselves. Simultaneously with the publication of their diary, each artist will create an original, limited-edition work.

diary #1, by Andrea Zittel, is the volume that initiates the series. The artist, who was born and raised in Southern California, recounts her journey, both actual and intellectual, through the desert of her native region in search of habitable systems. Zittel explores the various ways of codifying and classifying reality in her behavioral, relational, and domestic models. Pages from Zittel's diary alternate with the artist's personal interpretations of her own work. In the final part of the volume, a conversation with her friend and fellow artist Allan McCollum, emerge some of the fundamental themes of Zittel's oeuvre and contemporary culture.

Andrea Zittel's

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