Shapes For Hamilton, 2005/10. Three generations of the DuBois family, with their Shapes, in Poolville, Hamilton Township, New York. Photo by Beth DuBois.



Here are some pictures and videos and texts exploring the Shapes For Hamilton project. With the help of a small grant, I was able to make 6000+ unique Shapes prints, one for each resident of the township of Hamilton, in upstate New York. The project began when I was invited by DeWitt Godfrey, professor at Colgate University, to design a project for the art department, as an artist-in-residence. I suggested challenging the students to figure out how to print out 6000+ of the Shapes prints (equal to the approximate population of the township), each unique, for me to sign and date, and to then to create a distribution system and a promotional scheme to involve the whole town. With the expert help of the department's Visual Resources Curator Jesse Henderson, the students formed committees of volunteers and did it! With DeWitt's general supervision and creative input, Jesse developed the database into which she cataloged the shapes for Hamilton, outlined the workflow required to produce each print, and managed both the gallery installation and the distribution; Mark Williams, art studio technician, helped devise a methodology to get the Shapes into a printable format; and prepress technician Michael Holobosky, from the campus document services, managed the printing. Following a four-week exhibition of the prints in the school's Clifford Gallery, four different public community events were organized by the art students, at different locations in the township over a period of two weeks, to distribute the prints to the local residents. As of April 22, 2010, 1939 Shapes prints found their homes with 1939 residents. Future distribution events have been planned, as time goes by, with a cut-off date yet to be determined!

— Allan McCollum

Organizers DeWitt Godfrey and Jesse Henderson explain the project, on video

Shapes For Hamilton, article on the gallery exhibition installation and reception:

Hamilton.wmv, some images of the gallery installation process:

151 pictures of the Shapes distribution, on DeWitt Godfrey's Facebook Album:

Pictures by Cassie Wu, of the first two "distribution events":

44 pictures of Hamilton residents, posing with their Shapes, from DeWitt Godfrey:

Sample Posters, Flyers, and Announcements, publicizing the project to the local residents:

Distribution Update: Parsed data report, by Jesse Henderson, as of April 22, 2010:


The Madison County Courier 01.23.10 (project announcement)
The Oneida Daily Dispatch 01.27.10 (project announcement)
Observer-Dispatch 01.28.10 [1] (project announcement)
Observer-Dispatch 01.28.10 [2] (artist talk announcement)
Radio-Free Hamilton 02.04.10 (exhibition to open)
Colgate University News & Events 02.05.10 (report on initial meetings with participants)
Radio-Free Hamilton 03.10.10 (exhibition opens)
Colgate University News & Events 03.11.10 (report on exhibition opening, with pictures)
The Post-Standard 03.20.10 (article on exhibition)
Central New York Arts 03.22.10 (article on exhibition)
Colgate Maroon-News 03.25.10 (article on exhibition)
Radio-Free Hamilton 03.30.10 (distribution announcement)
Radio-Free Hamilton 04.05.10 (distribution update)
Radio-Free Hamilton 04.05.10 (article on project)
Observer-Dispatch 04.07.10 (distribution announcement)
Observer-Dispatch 04.22.10: Hamilton Village Passes Budget
[ and an endorsement of the Shapes for Hamilton project from the Mayor! ]


Official Shapes Wrangler

Jesse Henderson

Shapes Crew

Adam Hughes
Alayna Anderson
Amandine Kaya
Bri Gochenour
Cassie Wu
Coco Vonnegut
Duane Martinez
Gabe Rosen
Georgina Godfrey
Gemma Godfrey
Jamie Herrmann
Janice Yu
Jenny Kutik
Melissa Herrick
Melissa McKenzie
Monika Burczyk
Owen Keogh
Victoria Cubera
  Overall Project Co-ordinator

DeWitt Godfrey

Communications Office

Aleta Mayne
Tim O'Keeffe
Barbara Brooks
Andy Daddio

Advertising and Poster Design

Stephanie McClintick

Prepress and Printing

Mark Williams
Michael Holobosky

  Art Dept/ICPA Staff

Lois Wilcox
Angela Kowalski

Photo Credits (generally)

DeWitt Godfrey
Jesse Henderson
Jamie Herrmann
Andy Daddio
Gemma Godfrey
Cassie Wu
Adam Hughes (video)

Logistical Support

Monika Burczyk

Theoretical Support

Carolyn Guile

Support for Shapes for Hamilton comes from The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation, the Department of Art and Art History, and the ICPA at Colgate University.

To learn more about The Shapes Project, go HERE